Analysis of Hung up by Madonna

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by jiayinc. Filed under Music Videos

Hung Up 中英字幕版–音悦Tai

From the music video Hung up by Madonna, the audience can easily be enchanted by its happy, relaxed and joyful atmosphere. When the music begins playing, Madonna starts dance along with the music rhythm in front of the mirror in the dancing classroom. Couple with the melody, the video displays her graceful dance and inserted into some other dance of the people who are from different professions in different places. They complete the dance together. The whole MV has a very good idea. At the very beginning of the MV, the scene of Madonna taking off her clothes was filmed from a distant view gradually to the close. Then there is a close –up shoot, the scene slowly moves with the hand switching on, after that the music really begin. When the prelude plays, Madonna begins to do some simple dance movements. And she really begins to show the dance when the song starts. The good points I think in this Video is the collocation of character and music, and the description of dancer’s movement, which used distant shot that make the dance clearly display. For example, at 3’10’’, the shoot of Madonna’s walk scene is from distant to close and then focus on her face. And then with her steps the shoots draw back slowly. When she makes a circle, there appears a full view. The photography is very smooth. But the bad points I think is that, some time the scene changes from Madonna’s close-up shoot to the other dancers’ distant shoot suddenly, which made me feel wild. And at 3’30’’, I think the shoots in the metro are not very good. Because the space is limited, the seats in carriage are separated into two sides, there are always some people can just appear head or parts of body. At the end, Madonna stands in the crowd that it is hard to distinguish her from the others. It looks a little disorganized even used close-up shoots because of the others’ frequent interference.


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