Chipotle: The Art of Attack

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by maxgilb. Filed under Advertising, CGI


The Chipotle short film above, created by Moonbot Studios, employs contrast and associational montage in order to create an attack ad that has a clear message but hides the usual accompanying antagonism behind the film’s artistic nature.

The short mainly consists of contrast montage between the scarecrow, and the horrifying environment around him. Contrast montage consists of juxtaposing two images on screen in order to accentuate some difference between the two. In this short, the conscience of the scarecrow, and care for how he prepares his food, are contrasted with the giant corporation that mistreats animals and ruins the environment.

The short accentuates this contrast with the use of different landscapes. All the land around the city has been turned to desert, an environment hostile to humans, and proven to be less visually appealing. On the other hand, the scarecrow’s home consists of elements usually found in a savannah, such as grass and sparse trees, which are naturally more appealing.

Once the short establishes this contrast, the image of the chipotle pepper appears a couple times with the scarecrow. This is a subtle use of associational montage, in order to unite the scarecrow with Chipotle in the viewer’s mind. Without any explicit explanation or even the logo, the viewer understands Chipotle is an outlier in a sea of other companies that harm the environment.

The animated short is undoubtedly beautiful and by showing its message through montage and contrast, rather than explicitly telling the viewer, the ad manages to maintain its identity as an artistic short film. The result is an attack ad where the focus is on the message and imagery, rather than Chipotle’s antagonism as it calls out competitors.


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