Say Hello to the new Google Maps App

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by hcarrady. Filed under Advertising, New Technology

Say Hello to the New Google Apps Map

Google introduces an incredibly captivating advertisement, promoting their Google Maps App. The fast paced music animates the audience from its beginning. Moreover, the images on the screen are synched with the beat of the song, whose main theme is to move around; “Get up, get down, everybody’s gonna move their feet, everybody’s gonna leave their seat!”

Its outstanding aspect lies in the interactivity the ad offers. The audience is the protagonist, instead of some supermodel or superimposed actress. We arrive at an airport, get in a cab while opening our Google maps app. The words “Explore” pioneers a variety of categories; and, as we scroll down we decide to “play.” We go to a baseball game, hop on a train, go to a concert, go to a bar; essentially, the ad conveys everything the app allows one to do in a single day, no matter the time. At the end, after a game of pool at a bar and a motorcycle ride, a nice woman hands us a key and we go to our hotel room and crash on the bed. The genius aspect lies in simultaneously contextualizing the functions of the app within a mundane persons life. Many ads show how a product is relevant but fail to frame it in a way that could be relevant to everyone. This is the magic of the POV shot.

The only criticism against the ad is its pace as it could be too long for certain audiences to capture; the ad conveys 24 hours in less than 1 minute! The montage is simply spectacular. It targets a variety of audiences, conveys all the different things the app can do including satellite detection for traffic updates. People, beauty and sex are not the focus of the ad; the viewer is the subject and the montage of sights is the motivation.


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