Manitoba Telecom Services 3G Plus Network Ad

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by knoorenc. Filed under Advertising, CGI



MTS is an Indian company that deals mainly with cell phones anything pertaining to that market. This commercial is meant to advertise their new 3G Plus Network and the speed it provides when surfing the web.

The commercial utilizes associational montage which occurs within the same shot. This type of montage is used to create some type of relationship between two different things. This commercial creates associational montage between technology and a new born baby. The baby delivers himself and immediately is able to start using the internet thanks to MTS’s fast, new network. The montage is effective in showing how fast both the baby and the 3G Plus Network are, but it also creates the idea that technology is so easy to use even a new born can use it. This is also made apparent in the baby moving from device to device to get what he needs. This movement between devices additionally shows that the MTS network can work across multiple devices.

The commercial has no dialogue, but it has a version of Diana Ross’s “I’m Coming Out” track playing in the background. While the commercial’s goal is not to create rhythm, it could certainly benefit from editing principles to match the track playing in the background. As it is, the advertisement does nothing to edit on the beat of the song. If the commercial was to make its cuts on-beat with the song, but offset the edit by two or three frames, the commercial would become more effective and better match the action to the music.


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