Music video as an advertisement

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by hushiyun. Filed under Advertising, Music Videos

A brand-new music group CNBlue, launched by FNC Entertainment, is designated to target young female audiences. This deliberately constructed music video of CNBlue’s very first single features a love story. The director bears a simple but practical goal in mind that the video aims to gain recognition of the new group by perfecting each part of the video making process.

The implementation of various camera angles during the shooting contributes close connection between CNBlue and viewers. The close-ups given to capture each member’s facial features from 1:15 mark straightforwardly and yet powerfully implant their visual masculinity into viewers’ impression. The close-ups also build an illusion that members and viewers are positioned in a close distance, arousing viewers a sense of proximity. Director also shoots the lead singer from a frontal view as if he was directly singing to viewers. This subjective camera brings viewers into a collaborative environment where the reality interacts with the fantasy.

The post-production moreover strives to enhance favorability of CNBlue. Director fast cuts scenes of members wandering on the street. This technique obscures the continuity of the narrative but grants excitement during the watching. Furthermore, while music alone fails to convey rhythm, group members’ movement in conjunction with the background lighting on-and-off on-beat indulges viewers into a rhythmic dynamic ambient. The exploration of rhythm consolidates the pleasing watching experience. The synchronization and speedy editing altogether subconsciously transform the pleasure of watching the video into the favorability of the group, piling up more layers onto CNBlue’s attractiveness.

Overall, this music video barely works as an illustration of the music itself. Per se, it is an advertisement selling the charisma of each member, thus successfully promoting recognition of the new group in the competitive Korean music market.



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