Enhanced Rhythm in Blank Space by Taylor Swift

Published on December 2nd, 2014 by heirlhe. Filed under Music Videos

Enhancing the perception of rhythm in music videos allows the audience to “feel” the music. In Taylor Swift’s music video for her song, Blank Space, many techniques were used to enhance the perception of rhythm. First, the majority of the music video’s scene changes or cuts were synchronized with the beats of the song. Placing cuts on-beat, as opposed to off-beat, is usually more effective in enhancing rhythm through the audience’s visual and hearing senses. In an exceptional case, placing cuts on off-beats is effective in promoting a sense of rhythm when the cut precedes the actual beat. Indeed, some cuts were made on off-beats, and were effective because they preceded the actual beat. Second, the cuts were synced with multiple beats throughout the song. Matching multiple beats is better than matching only a few beats when trying to enhance rhythm. Furthermore, the cuts were synced with different beats in each measure, inconsistently falling on the first, second, third, and/or fourth beats. Lastly, Taylor Swift is shown singing in the music video with her lips moving to the words of the song. Essentially, movement to the beat of the music within scenes, rather than no movement, enhances the sense of rhythm. For instance, at 2:30 in the video, rhythm can be felt through watching Taylor Swift destroy the shirt to the beat of the music. Ultimately, Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video is edited very well to enhance the perception of rhythm and allows the audience to “feel” the music.




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