Microsoft New Technology Ad

Published on December 1st, 2014 by hansimon. Filed under Advertising, New Technology


A 2014 Microsoft advertisement pits its Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro directly against the Apple MacBook Air.  The advertisement features the two devices in an “epic dance-off” that takes the viewer through several comparisons, such as the design and versatility of each device.  In this growing age of digital media, which began with the advent of Photoshop in 1989, the ad represents yet another example of contrast montage through the corporate attack model.  Contrast montage is a subset of propositional montage in which the editing of an advertisement creates a connection, in this case a contrast, between two images.  Each sequence in the ad serves as contrast between the two devices.  For instance, “the tent” demonstrates that the Yoga 3 Pro is convertible between tablet and notebook while the MacBook Air is rendered useless in this position, making the ad effective.  Additionally, this advertisement demonstrates that editing speed is more effective than content.  While the visuals themselves are not particularly enthralling, the speed at which the ad is edited makes for a captivating piece.  Within each contrast sequence, there are several cuts that make the ad fast and exciting, while the digital media edits do succeed in anthropomorphizing the devices by giving them human-like dance movements.  A very effective moment of video and audio sync occurs when the MacBook Air’s lack of touchscreen is shown as a defeated-sounding noise is played the moment the user (who we see through effective use of subjective camera) touches the screen.  However, if the audio followed the visual in the slightest – rather than syncing perfectly – this shot would have been even more effective due to the gratification associated with this offset.  Lastly, by solely using commercial attack montage, the ad is weakened by ultimately giving its competitor 30 seconds of free advertising.


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