Lana Del Rey’s “Ride” is a 10-minute epic that documents the journey of a drifter (played by Del Rey) who longs for true happiness despite a struggling music career.

The entire film, which consists of an introduction, a music video for the song itself, and an epilogue, has a hazy quality. The muted blues and greens of the shots mirror the subdued disposition Del Rey’s character has adopted because of her professional and personal failures.

Both the introduction and the epilogue begin with a compelling long shot of Del Rey on a tire swing, gliding back and forth above a long and winding road. The viewer thus identifies with Del Rey’s feelings of an outsider and her desire to find her purpose in life.

During the actual music video, Del Rey utilizes mostly cuts to transition between shots of her and the biker gang. As we see shot after shot of her with her male friends, it becomes clear that she is achieving profound personal growth, in part due to her relationship with these men. Additionally, several close-ups of Del Rey’s face further support that she is at last finding contentment within herself.

The most impressively edited part of “Ride” is the introduction and the epilogue, narrated by Del Rey, because of its smooth visual-audio sync. Del Rey speaks over a quiet melody of strings, so that her words impact the viewer more than the music. Moreover, the visuals that accompany her monologues depict a narrative story, so the need for fewer cuts creates a sense of continuity.

The final shot of the video features fast-paced cuts of various close-ups of Del Rey. Del Rey simultaneously declares, “I am fucking crazy, but I am free,” an empowering statement for someone who has achieved personal fulfillment.


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