Experiencing Google Glass — Through Your Laptop Screen

Published on November 30th, 2014 by Minji Kwak. Filed under Advertising, New Technology


Google’s ad for their smart eyewear, Glass, features a wide range of people using Glass while participating in everything from flying planes to performing ballet. This ad utilizes montage and first-person perspectives well to emotionally connect with viewers. On the flip side, some aspects of this ad could also hinder message clarity.

The entire ad is a montage, with snippets of activities (through Glass) cut together. This montage is effective because it advertises the diverse functionalities of Glass in disparate situations, letting viewers see its possibilities in their own lives; the different interspersed scenes are also engaging, as all of the fast cuts and content draw more attention – the speed and variety of content is more entertaining to watch than a continuous cut of one activity. Additionally, the first-person perspective immersive, since it allows viewers to vicariously experience Glass. Both techniques make for an emotionally engaging ad featuring gorgeous imagery to highlight Glass’ capabilities by putting the viewer in the experience – through first-person immersion and diverse examples from a montage.

However, this ad also has a small drawback: the fast cuts. The speedy scene changes engage the viewer, but sometimes, speed interferes with information retention. The cuts slightly obscure the ability to see what function Glass is executing sometimes (e.g., recording or maps). This criticism, however, is minor, since the ad is primarily supposed to be engaging (rather than educational) – which is achieved through faster cuts. Overall, the Glass ad is successful in emotionally engaging viewers and showing off Glass’ capabilities with some fun and flare.


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