Ad for New Technology: Canon EOS 650D DSLR Camera

Published on November 29th, 2012 by KBridgeman. Filed under Advertising, New Technology


Canon subtly, but powerfully, markets their new camera through this creative commercial that follows a man’s journey through various scenes in his life that change from normal speed to slow motion. This is extremely effective as the advertisement captivates the audience’s attention by displaying the ways in which scenes of everyday life can suddenly be seen in this surreal, amazing alternate reality. The “EOS Knowledge” text displayed on the upper right hand of the advertisement and the protagonist with a Canon camera slung over his shoulder associate the camera with this dreamlike perspective of life. Additionally, at the end of the advertisement the protagonist uses his camera to show the precision of the pictures taken and the touchscreen technology, and the actual camera itself is displayed. However, Canon is still using associational montage as they primarily rely on the creative editing (rather than technical specifications) to market the camera.
It is also interesting to note the function of music in this advertisement. Video-audio synchronization occurs at the most critical points of the advertisements—at each instance of the man having the “power to see things differently.” For example, how the music changes from instrumental to vocal right as the dog leaps across the frame. Furthermore, the music’s tempo picks up right as the hose begins to thrash around in slow motion. The video-audio synchronizations takes us through the storyline of the advertisement, emphasizing and dramatizing the transitions from normal life to life through the lens of the Canon EOS 650D.



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