Google Chrome Speed Tests

Published on November 29th, 2012 by CCroft. Filed under Advertising, New Technology, Persuasion

This is a clever ad for Google Chrome Internet browser, targeted at a non-technical audience, meant to convey how fast it is, by comparing it to benchmarks people already consider very fast. In this short 2-minute ad, there are several noticeable visual techniques to make the ad more attention grabbing, including editing speed, and audio/visual synchronization

Most noticeable from the very beginning are the very quick cuts, giving us a preview of what we are actually about to see in the ad. Between the 6-second mark and the 14-second mark they make close to 12 cuts! I found this to be a very effective technique, especially for a YouTube ad. By showing all these clips in rapid succession, even if the viewer chooses to skip the ad, he/she is left with the association between Google Chrome and speed. At the very least though, it serves as a way to quickly capture the attention of a younger audience, presumably their target. Throughout the rest of the ad, they sprinkle in random slow motion shots to really emphasize the fact that Google Chrome is winning these races. We get to see some really good slow motion shots that I find very effective.

A more subtle technique this ad employs is the audio/visual synchronization.  The only audio we have for the entire ad are the diegetic sounds of electricity striking a toy ship, buttons being pressed, etc. I like the choice to leave music out of this particular ad, because in some way it adds to the effect of making it seem like a genuine scientific experiment. The sounds we do hear are very sharp and clear, further reinforcing the idea of quickness in the advertisement.



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