Music Video: Bass Down Low by DEV

Published on November 29th, 2012 by BNguyen. Filed under Advertising, Music Videos, Persuasion, Science in Media


Dev’s “Bass Down Low” music video executed two different visual techniques seamlessly throughout the video: video-audio sync and propositional montage.

The video actually implements video-audio sync in a couple of ways. The first is through their physical body movements. The scene at 2:33 is a great example of how the body is used to visually represent the beats in an entrancing way. The second way video-audio sync is executed is through quick cuts. Certain scenes throughout the video rapidly changes simultaneously with each beat, further giving viewers a visual stimulus that complements the audio. These quick scene changes are also very effective in grabbing the viewer’s attention because studies have found that fast editing increases the ratings for activity, potency, and persuasiveness. Comprehension suffers however, and this is where the use of propositional montage comes in.  

The video makes use of propositional montage to compensate for the potential lack of comprehension. It visually shows the physical object that is said in the song as it is sung just in case the viewer did not fully catch the word. There is a succession of these propositional montages starting at 1:28 and they continue throughout other parts of the video as the music continues on with its rapid pace.

Each technique worked incredibly well in itself but the combination of the two is what truly gave the video its effectiveness – both visually and aurally.




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